TANNA is a Los Angeles based knitwear collection founded in 2020 by Tatiana Dieteman. Each piece is hand-knit and hand-embroidered with impeccable care and love straight from Los Angeles. We hold high-value in the quality of our pieces, which is why our products are created from only the finest Italian cashmere. 

What started as a life long passion for art and creating, Tatiana dreamt up her vision for TANNA when she happened upon the perfectly cloud-like, dreamy cashmere. Always a fan of handmade items that show impeccable care and love, Tatiana began creating at a very young age. While on the journey of learning who she is and what she enjoyed, it became quite apparent that she found the most peace and happiness through the meditation of working with colors and creating with her hands.  Her passion for creating and meditating one day led her to a small yarn store in Ojai, California during. meditation retreat. The wonderful store full of color and unlimited possibilities sparked an interest in her for crocheting. This shortly turned into a growing passion project of bags and tops, and after teaching herself to crochet, she eventually was led to pick up and teach herself how to knit. 

Tatiana's passion is shown through each piece she designs and creates. Any of her pieces are sure to be with you forever with her timeless yet unique designs, and eye for color matching. She handles each piece as if it were art... Because to her it is.